1 year ago

The climate change debate become important discussion not only for ourselves but for our children. Everyone need to play a major role in reaching the NerXzero 2050

@putin. The Evil MadMan has begun his assault on humanity.
He need to be tried for war crime

The MadMan Putin has done unthinkable and should paid the price dearly.

CNN has new breaking news for their rating, im really seek of bad news push for rating. i dont think this media giant will last. people are tired of scandal.

I read some cool stats on the formula one Sunday race about the incident between Lewis and Max. Very interesting!!

The F1 racing this past Sunday in England was an epic one, #formula1

@Oughtspoken: Have you all see the drama Sen Joe Manchin WVA. I don’t understand what is this man plan, planning to be a President and hoping that Republicans

It has been wonderful job so far by the Biden Administration with the way they are handling the Covid-19 pandemic vaccination program