About Us

Teleet is a real time communication platform connecting entrepreneurs with business savvy mentors to share ideas and knowledge as well as to build businesses together. Teleet network is designed to support entrepreneurs with mentoring worldwide, allowing organizations and individuals to have a global impact on educational, businesses and government entities.

Our mission is to help new businesses thrive and build a community of likeminded passionate individuals, a community for mentors and mentees, who can get answers at any time of the day from any place in the world. Teleet community groups range in occupation and industry, from successful small business owners to CEOs of multinational companies. Whether entrepreneurs need help with business planning, market strategy, finance, or some other area, they can find a match on Teleet that will offer advice and expertise. 

Individuals can influence economic advancement on a global scale, sharing experience and views to others in nations with less access to education and knowledge. Teleet helps people connect with highly skilled professionals to launch and grow their small businesses. Through our communication platform solution one can easily reach communities and countries with limited access to resources impacting thousands of people.

Platform for Mentors and Mentees With Teleet Mentors can:

• Establish global mentoring chat groups for topics of your expertise.
• Schedule meetings in SMS groups or in person.
• View your impact on a small business you have been coaching.

With Teleet Mentees can:

• Access mentor advice at any time in any time zone.
• Rate Mentor advice and engagement.
• Schedule an in-person meeting with a mentor of your choice upon establishing a safe and lasting relationship through Teleet.